CES 2010: Philips’ DirectLife Personalized Fitness Program

Picture 1Think of this as your own personal trainer that you keep in your pocket. DirectLifeis a personalized fitness program that is meant to create awareness of your activity levels and help you set and attain goals. It is a wearable monitor that records your daily movements and then transfers that information to a website and emails you summaries of your progress.

You are also afforded access to an online professional coach and you can choose to track yourself amongst your family and friends. You will have a personal webpage with your stats, tips and activity ideas, personalized activity plan, with realistic goals, and weekly feedback summaries by e-mail with motivational tips. The approach DirectLife takes is unique because it works to change habits in your daily routine. It focuses on making everyday life more active, rather than expecting people to have dedicated times at which they work out, play sports or exercise. Does Wii Fitness count? The site recommends companies to use this as a means to “encourage” employees to be healthy and thus lower insurance costs. That’s just a little too 1984 for my taste. The DirectLife website offers more information.

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