CES 2010: Philips Notebook Accessories

Picture 2Philips line of notebook accessories include notebook sleeves, a Notebook Cushion Speaker, several models of USB speakers, a Bluetooth- enabled mouse that can be used without a surface, a webcam with cable management and direct YouTube upload. The notebook sleeve consists of  a soft cushion for your lap with a stable hard top that allows you to use the sleeve as a tray. The extra Heat Protect layer prevents overheating by allowing good air flow and also stops your lap from getting too hot. A storage pocket and hidden handle makes it easy carry the sleeve and your accessories. For protection it is lined with a suede-like material and has a rounded, rubberized zip to help protect your notebook’s surface. Available in April 2010 for between $40-$50. Here is the rest of the line.

Picture 3The Notebook Cushion Speaker has a flat top and built-in speakers for optimal sound quality.  The soft cushion not only makes things more comfortable for long usage, but also helps prevent over-heating of your lap. We all know what that feels like towards the end of watching a 2 hour movie or a long day of work on the laptop. Available in April 2010 for $80.

Picture 4Sometimes laptop speakers just don’t cut it for listening to music.  The portable Notebook SoundBar is and easy to use accessory with a single USB cable that can either be clipped to the top of your notebook screen or free standing.  The cable neatly wraps around the SoundBar for storage and it comes with a carrying pouch, making it easy to slip into your your pocket! The Philips Notebook USB Speakers are compact, with low power consumption, simple USB plug and cable management, and are perfect for boosting your bass. Soundbar available in April 2010 for $49.99 and the Notebook USB Speakers $24.99

Picture 6 Notebook Bluetooth Mouse has 360 TouchControl. A flat surface is not necessary for this mouse, you can navigate comfortably wherever you are.  The touch sensor gives you the freedom to move in all directions, and it comes with an integrated USB cable for battery recharging.

Picture 7The Philips Notebook Presenter will make professional presentations easy as cake. Wireless, intuitive and featuring gestural control, this presenter is not only a laser point to guide the audience through your charts, but it works like a mouse in the air. Easy to use with well-designed buttons, just switch to mouse mode and you can control all your files on the projector without going back to your notebook. This intuitive control works with MAC and PC, and no software is needed- you just plug in the nano dongle and you’re ready to go. Available in April 2010 for$89.99. For more information on all the products visit Philips.

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