Pink Pixeled Glock Shoots Real Bullets, Not Pixels


Duracoat_glock_ladyswatdigital_100309This DuraCoat Glock Gun Lady Swat Digital is a dangerous example of products that should remain in its natural state and don’t necessarily need a new paint job like those gadgets that get the Colorware treatment do. Jim’s Gun Supply is no stranger to controversy, and yet they still continue to pump out designs on guns that in the end, make them look like toys instead of dangerous weapons. Obviously with this design they are reaching out to not only women but geeks as well. Of course no one is forcing anyone to send in their guns to them to get a face-lift, but just the fact that it’s an option seems wrong; especially since it has the potential to get into the wrong hands, and by the wrong hands, we mean kids might accidentally think this is a toy. This is one item pixels don’t belong on… and don’t you love the Breast Cancer ribbon on it  too??