Pixavi Xcaster 5000 High Definition Camera Is Perfect for James Bond or Salt

front-newIf you find yourself in a James Bond or Angelina Jolie type of scenario then the Xcaster 5000 from Pixavi should come in handy. Pixavi is introducing an explosion proof version of the Xcaster 5000 High Definition camera series. It is waterproof, 4 joule impact proof, and shock proof up to a 6 1/2 ft drop. The unique thing about the Xcaster EX 5000 is the fact that it can withstand all that trauma and its certified to do so in hazardous environments. It also features HD video capabilities, 5MP image capture, Laser collaboration technology, video conferencing and streaming technology, the device operates on standard WiFi networks and requires no extra software to operate. The Xcaster 5000 retails for $13,950.


[via PR Web]

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