POKEN Pulse Social Networking Gadget Aims to Replace Business Cards

pokenpulsePOKEN is a cute little gadget designed to make sharing your social networking contact details a lot easier. In essence, POKEN is really a modern day version of the business card. Just hold 2 of them together and you’ll be connected through all of the social networks you already use such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and 45 others. In Japan and Europe these little guys have already become very popular. Now they are finally available in the U.S. for $20 a pop. There are two kinds of POKENs. First there is the adorable “the Spark” which comes in an adorable design including a Geisha, a Rap Star a Panda Bear and an Alien. The second type is the pokenPULSE which looks much like an ordinary USB key and it also has 2GB of memory. But despite the fact that the pokenPULSE resembles an ordinary USB key, it actually isn’t drab at all – it comes in several colorful designs, but you have to remove its cap to actually see the designs.


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