Quirky – Cool Stuff We Can’t Take our Eyes Off Of

DSC06771Quirky is full of, well, Quirky products with great designs. I’m not sure what I love more, the awesome and unique little products, or the concept behind Quirky. At Quirky.com you can submit your own product ideas and the Quirky community will weigh in on your ideas. With enough feedback and interest you could have the next quirky product, distributing it to thousands of people, and earning good money along the way. Don’t have any great ideas floating around up there just yet? Take a look at everyone else’s ideas and help them out. You can even earn money from just influencing the production of a quirky product. You’re sure to enjoy yourself browsing around Quirky.com. My Quirky Split Stick and DigiDudes certainly came in handy during CES. Split Stick allowed me to keep business from pleasure on one flash drive. One side of the flash drive had hundreds of my CES pictures, while the other side had hundreds of wild pictures from the rest of Las Vegas (and other conventions……). Also, originally I thought the DigiDude just looked like a really sweet keychain, but it certainly served its purpose, extending into a portable camera tripod which enabled us to take some fabulous shots of the Chip Chick team. Now if I only had a PowerCurl and a Beamer I would have been unstoppable over there.[nggallery id=254]


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