Slappa Loren Laptop Bag Review

screenshot_01Slappa recently unveiled a new line of ladies laptop bags. From that collection we received a review sample of the sleek and sexy Loren bag. The bag’s Designer style, normally found in handbags, merges shape fully with business practicality. Nothing about the appearance of this bag says it is for laptops. It simply says minimalist elegance. It is the anti-type to the blaring pink women’s laptop bags we often spot on the market today. This is a bag that could seamlessly transfer from boardroom to boardwalk.

We say minimalist because there aren’t a lot of frills on this bag. The outside has two pockets, one on each side. One of them a zippered pocket, the other a slide in pocket. Inside there is a large padded plush lining laptop pocket. Opposite of that are a few little pockets for holding various small items. The largest would hold an iPhone and it’s charger. Mostly I found myself just dumping stuff in the vast void space between. There is lots of room there and it is amazing how much i could fit. I actually lost my camera for two days in it.

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The custom finished faux leather is really quite impressive right down to the feel of it. The bag has an overall sturdiness to it that makes one feel safe to carry a laptop in it. Keeping in mind that this is a faux finish and not real leather, it takes a careful eye not to scratch it and ruin the illusion. The metal pieces are 5 micron plating so that they will not tarnish. Inside is a floral non obtrusive print that is muted.

The Loren comes with two shoulder straps and one attachable cross shoulder strap. I found the two shoulder straps perfectly sufficient though. It sits nicely on the shoulder and the two straps help to spread some of the weight more evenly and prevent your shoulder from dislocating on heavy bag days. It should be noted that this is a big bag. It is larger then my torso. Being made to fit a 15.4″ laptop it is definitely quite a presence to carry. When I have to carry such a large ever present bag, i don’t want to try to balance a purse awkwardly with it as well. It just doesn’t feel right. So i went about combining my purse with my new laptop bag and found that it just wasn’t meant to be. Not enough pockets! It just all ended up in a sad little mosh pit of purse items in the middle, which then resulted in a flustered me, elbow deep into the bag fishing for various items throughout the day vaguely starting to feel like a soccer mom looking for a band aid.

We also received the Slappa white diamond pillow netbook sleeve. The pearly white exterior is a raised soft material and the inside is a quilted silky  material. So it really is like a pillow for your netbook. There is a rear pocket for the cords and a sturdy zipper to hold the computer in snugly. It would fit nicely in the larger Loren bag.


Overall, the Loren has great appeal as a laptop bag. The size is roomy as can be. Your laptop is definitely protected well. The style is unique and classy. Coming in at $79.99 on Slappa’s site it is a little on the pricey end, but this is a good example of getting value for what you pay for.

The good: Excellent exterior. Well padded interior for laptop. Plenty of space inside. Comfortable shoulder straps. Fashion is easily transferable to many different occasions.

The bad: More purse-like pockets would be helpful. Faux finish is easy to scratch.

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