T-Post Augmented Reality T-Shirt is Actually a Magazine Issue, Whatttt!?

tpostT-post is the world’s first magazine, that you can wear. For their latest issue, they’re included augmented reality on their t-shirt for their article that comments on the future of college education. The way it works is that every 6 weeks, the editors at T-posts pick a story topic that is slightly outside the mainstream media. For example, in the past, they have covered the ethics of mind enhancing super drugs. Once a story is done, they send the story to a visual artist to incorporate the text into a t-shirt graphic. They then print the art’s artwork on the outside of the T, and the article on the inside, and they call that an issue! Issues are not sold in stores, you can only get one by becoming a subscriber. Every 6 weeks you’ll get a new t-shirt. The publication believes that this is a very important method of using Fashion and Art to spread the word about an important topic. Everytime a subscriber reads a shirt, they are sharing the story with others and interpreting it in their own ways.

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