ThermaPAK Laptop Cooler Review

008Laptops heat up. And mine is no different. Every night, I perch on the same place on my couch almost every night to sit and do work (and by work I mean go on Facebook) with my notebook computer on my lap. After a few hours, I find myself sweating, and realize that my computer is close to overheating. I have to take a break from work, which often results in channel flipping and a phone call or two. By the time I get back to my work, I have completely lost my train of thought, or if I decide to cool off by putting on some shorts, I run the risk scorching my thighs from the heat of my laptop. A constant problem, I was excited to give the ThermaPAK HeatShift laptop cooling pad a try.

The ThermaPAK is a half inch thick quilted rectangle that sits on your lap and provides protection from your blazing hot laptop. It comes in 13, 15 and 17 inch rectangles in black, pink, and a special white/silver version designed to match your Mac that costs around $27.99. The pad feels kind of like one of those lead aprons the dentist makes you put on before he takes your X-Ray, but a lot less bulky. So I put the pad on my lap and got to typing. About an hour later, at the point when my laptop is normally burning off the top layer of my skin, I was as perfectly cool calm and collected as when I started working. No channel surfing break was needed! Unlike a blanket or towel to act as a buffer between you and your laptop, the ThermaPAK actually deflects and redistributes heat from your laptop, which means that neither you, your computer, or the ThermaPAK get hot. It’s not a piece of material between you and your laptop. Instead, it’s a pad made of high tech material that helps redistribute the he_DSC0088at from your laptop to keep both you and the laptop cool. This has obvious benefits for your lap, but there are some added benefits for your laptop as well. Laptop overheating can seriously damage your machine. There are a few options you can take to prevent this type of damage from occurring. You can buy a USB fan, which is basically a costly fan that plugs into your USB port and protects your computer from overheating.

The downside of a USB fan is that it takes up a plug in your USB port, it uses about 20% of your battery, and sometimes they make a heck of a lot of noise. Not to mention that they are bulky and an added weight to put in your laptop case. The ThermaPAK on the other hand, offers a different option. It doesn’t require refrigeration, it doesn’t require battery, and it doesn’t need to be plugged and it doesn’t take up too much room. It’s just a pad that goes between you and your laptop.

It works like this: When a laptop cooler featuring HeatShift Technology is place under any notebook com_DSC0087puter, the crystals inside are in a solid state. As the underside of the laptop begins to warm up, this heat is transferred to the HeatShift technology device. This transferal of heat gradually changes the PCM crystals into a liquid. ThermaPAK’s pad grooves channel air under the laptop, and use the second law of thermodynamics to draw heat from the laptop.  After the laptop begins to cool, the HeatShift Technology devices changes back to a solid crystal – ready for the next use. The ThermaPAK worked exactly as promised. If your laptop is prone to overheating,


I would recommend this product to protect you and your laptop from the heat. That being said, I can’t imagine lugging the ThermaPAK around in my laptop case for the simple reason that it’s a little heavy. This product is great for keeping next to your favorite nook where you like to sit with your laptop to grab as a buffer from the heat.

The Good: Inexpensive TSA approved for travel. Distributes heat as promised to protect your legs and your laptop. Doesn’t require batteries or any kind of power whatsoever

The Bad : I can’t really see myself carrying this thing around unless I had a serious overheating problem with my laptop.

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