Women Only Parking Lot in China is Pink and Has Cartoons

get-attachmentRemember those pink taxi cabs in Mexico City? Well a parking lot exclusively for women drivers will open early next year at a shopping center in China. The women’s parking lot will be located underneath the Wanxiang Tiancheng shopping center and will offer wider parking spaces especially designed for female drivers. Local Chinese insurance companies claim that  females tend to cause twice as many collisions in parking lots than in other places. There will be three lights in every parking space to improve visibility for female drivers. It will also be painted in pink and light purple to appeal to female tastes and cute cartoon pictures will decorate the parking lot. Additionally, female parking guides have been trained to direct the drivers when they park their vehicles. If any ladies out there actually stop by this mall, be sure to send us a twitpic when you are going to the parking garage!

So who else is offended by this story?

(Via BBC News)

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  1. oh man this is hillarious and yes offending at the same time. however…as a tourist i would want to go over and take a look at it!

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