World’s Largest Thought-Controlled Computing Installation to be Unveiled at 2010 Winter Olympics

featured1InteraXon is a company that has worked extensively on developing thought-controlled computing. Just in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, they plan on putting together the world’s largest thought-controlled computing installation. Their Bright Ideas installations will allow visitors of the Winter Olympics to control the lights at light displays at Toronto’s CN Tower, Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings, and Niagara Falls, just by using their thoughts. The installation uses a headset that measures the brain’s electrical output and reacts to alpha waves, associated with relaxation, and beta waves, associated with concentration. As users relax or focus their thoughts, the computer will send a message over the internet to the site they are viewing.  InteraXon’s custom software connects users thoughts to the lighting controls to change the display on the landmark site. The outcome is a thought-generated light show in all of the participating landmarks.


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