iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit for iPhone, Nexus One & Other Gadgets


screenshot_01So you were lounging a little close to the pool when disaster struck. Or worse – maybe you dropped your precious into the toilet. So what is a cell phone owner to do? The iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit will work with most cell phones, smartphones and handheld electronic devices to absorb the wetness on your gadget when accidents happen. The kit uses a non toxic Silica Gel, which is one of the most absorbent materials available. The Silica Gel draw out the moisture from your phone and dries the device more thoroughly and faster than air drying. The kit also comes with a moisture barrier bag and Silica Gel Packets. The kit is easy to use, you just have to remove the battery and place the electronic device and battery in the iRecovery bag, seal, and let it sit. The Silica Gel draws out the moisture and traps it. Once the device is completely dry, it can be reassembled and the iRecovery kit can be thrown out. You can purchase the for iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit for $12.99.