CompUSA Emerges From the Rubble with Three New Stores Featuring Retail 2.0 Concept


Well it looks like CompUSA is slowly coming back from the dead. Taking a cue from the Sharper Image playbook in companies trying to resurrect themselves in a new era, CompUSA will actually be opening – not closing three new locations. These said locations will be in Houston, TX, Newark, DE, and Euless, TX and will feature a new shopping method called “Retail 2.0.” So what exactly is Retail 2.0?  CompUSA’s pioneering a new concept which will outfit these new stores with 300 screens; from laptops to desktops to HDTVs that will be able to access the internet.  Consumers will be able to access full product information, image galleries, product manuals, reviews, etc…they will also be able to browse a competitor site and comparison shop as if they were home. However there are no details if CompUSA will in fact beat or match a competitor’s price. I imagine they would if they are giving you this freedom. Talk about transparency with a single touch.  The new Houston, TX location is open already, and both the new Newark, DE/Euless, TX locations will be open in a few weeks.  It’s almost worth taking a trip just to see my old friend CompUSA in its new 2010 form.

[Via CompUSA Press Release]