Connect One’s Wi-REACH 3G Transforms a USB Modem into a Personal Hotspot

wireachMi-Fi’s are all the rage now in the U.S. for those who want to use and share mobile broadband on the go. Now one company has come out with another 3G Personal Hotspot, but the Connect One’s Wi-REACH 3G Personal Hotspot is a lot smarter than the Mi-fi that Verizon and Sprint offers. This one lets you slot in a standard USB mobile broadband modem, so that you’re essentially transforming the USB modem that you already have into a compact Mi-Fi device. The Connect One’s Wi-REACH 3G Personal Hotspot is available for $99 and is compatible with WiMAX, LTE and 4G. However, we’re not sure yet if this device will come to the U.S. or not.

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