Earloomz Offers Up Licensed Lady Gaga and the Godfather Bluetooth Headsets

gagaWhen it comes to the bluetooth headset market, only until recently are companies realizing that style and color are becoming much more relevant and appreciated versus the traditional boring black headset with a boom mic.  Earloomz is one such company that goes even beyond color choices, for their bluetooth headsets by fusing fashion, and pop culture with technology. Earloomz has hundreds of graphics and licensed images to choose from such as Lady Gaga, Betty Boop, the Godfather, Star Trek and more. So for those who thought this was just a skin you put on your bluetooth headset you would be wrong.  However, as much as I love Lady Gaga, I would probably never wear this as a bluetooth headset. Regardless, the concept is great and the more unique bluetooth headsets the merrier – I just hope the quality is as good as the imagery. The Earloomz bluetooth headsets retail for $59.95 and they debuted at CES and will be on display at MacWorld.


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