iFrogz Ear Pollution Custom Flow Earbuds Review

_DSC0613The iFrogz Ear Pollution Custom Flow are inexpensive and adorable. For $19.99 you can completely customize a pair of earbuds from base, to the rim, to the artwork, the earbuds that arrive at your door will be the ones you designed online. Once you go to the website, you just click on the different color combination and artwork you want on your earbuds and it will show up on the preview screen. Honestly, this was the hardest part about choosing the headphones: Do I want a gold rim with a white base?! Or do I want black on black with pink swirly artwork?! Choose a black, grey, or white base, even more colors including chrome and gangster gold for the rim, and 79 different custom art patterns to appear in the center of the earbud. The possibilities are endless, which makes this a really fun and customizable gift for a friend.

What I really like about the headphone sample I received is that they ACTUALLY stay in your ear unlike most ear buds. They stay in your ear, and they look freaking adorable doing it – kind of like an added accessory. I would even wear them to the gym. They are made of a hard plastic so they’re not really comfortable for extended use, although for music on-the-go, they are just fine.  Unfortunately, sound quality was mediocre at best – for the price you don’t really expect Monster or Shure quality drivers. If you turn the volume up, the music will get loud without giving you too much static or reverberation. There are no additional pads or different size buds included- one size fits all here.

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The earphones come in a zippered semi pliable case for protection, so I feel confident just throwing the case in my purse knowing that the headphones won’t break or get tangled. For an inexpensive pair of headphone and the fact that these are so easily customizable –  I’m very happy with the iFrogz Ear Pollution. Sound quality may not be of the highest grade, but if you lose them, for $19.99 you can just grab yourself another pair to customize without having to break the bank.

The Good: Can be customized with a large selection of designs, affordable price and it comes with a convenient carrying case.

The Bad: Sound quality could be better, but for the price with all the extras you get, you really can’t complain.


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  1. The design is super cool and it will not drop even if your on the moved.It stays in your ear unlike most ear buds I’ve tried, nice very nice

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