A Preview of iPad Accessories for Women

iPadWhether you love it or hate it, the Apple iPad is coming out very soon. Already case makers and accessory makers are designing tons of stylish sleeves, bags, add-ons, and more. How you carry your electronic devices is as much of a social statement as it is a fashion statement, it’s essential that a girl gets to pick out the perfect compliment to her new oversized iPod Touch… oh, I mean iPad! Here’s a few of the new iPad accessories that are coming out that you chip chicks just might find enticing:


iLuv Pink iPad Sleeve

If you are into pink, then this iPad sleeve is just what your fashion advisor ordered. A bold paisley and flower pattern decorate this cute pink iPad sleeve made by iLuv. Not a lot of details or specifications are available for it on the website, but it appears to be neoprene and have two external pockets for keeping all your accessories close by your side. iLuv lists it for $19.99.


M Edge iPad Hip Bag

What better way to compliment your new iPad sleeve than with a trendy iPad hip bag from M Edge. It is simple and trendy, made from ScotchGuard treated canvas and a micro fiber interior with double stitched seams to keep what’s inside in, and what’s outside out. This messenger styled bag is available in five beautiful colors from black, apple green, orange, magenta, to navy blue. It comes with a sturdy shoulder strap and has two easy to reach pockets on the outside. Yet to be released, there is no pricing info available on this bag.


Belkin Vue, Max and Grip Sleeves

Belkin is already offering up a selection of sleek and modern iPad sleeves that sport a minimalistic aesthetic. These cases are perfect for slipping into your bag. The Vue, Max and Grip sleeves each will retail for $39.99 and are available in several PlumViolet or Black/White.


Griffin FlexiGrip

Although not the most fabulous of cases, the FlexGrip is practical in the way that it wraps your iPad in a durable silicon material to protect it from scratches, and dents. The case manages to leave access to all of the iPad’s ports and it’s available in 4 colors including blue, white, black and purple.

Handmade iPad Accessories for Girls on Etsy

A great place to look for handmade and custom iPad cases, covers, and sleeves is in the famous online craft marketplace Etsy.com. This site allows artistically inclined individuals from around the world share and sell their unique hand crafted creations online. While big companies like Griffin, Scosche, and Belkin are already announcing their iPad accessories, the crafty people at Etsy are busy designing their own as well. What would you rather have? The iPad case that 10,000 other people are buying, or a one off unique handmade piece of art? Of course, you can search on Etsy for your own, but here’s a few of our favorites:


Bergenbag’s Pretty Traveler iPad Bag

This is a very cute iPad purse that will work great for a netbook or iPad. A beautiful floral print with a root-beer velvet ribbon trim, this bag has tons of attention to detail. It’s got plenty of storage space with two outside pockets and two inside pockets as well. The soft black quilted interior will keep your iPad tablet snug as a bug in a rug… whatever that means. Sized out at 10″ x 12″ it won’t be too bulky either. It’s got a magnetic snap to close it, which is great because velcro closures often wear out with time. Priced at $30.00.


iSockit Wigman Vintage iPad Case

We love the vintage look of this bag, and we love the vintage trend that many accessories are taking. As technology moves forwards, fashion is looking to the past more and more for inspiration. And for good reason! This bag is classically beautiful. Using real vintage wool plaid fabric and vintage buttons, this iPad case is the real deal. In fact, the only new materials used were on the padding to protect your tablet. Each one of these is a one off masterpiece, hand sewn from vintage hand picked fabrics. Between the bold colors, the adorable offset button closure, and the cute external pocket, we are big fans of this iPad case! Priced at $65.00 A bit pricey, but fashion nobody said fashion was cheap!


iMaxi with Wings iPad Case

Ok, well everybody knows the the iPad sounds like certain feminine products of which we are all familiar. Online jokes and comics abound about it, and apparently some accessory makers have a good sense of humor as well. Introducing the iMaxi with wings iPad Case. I’m pretty sure I would never EVER buy this, but it is pretty hilarious! We’re just going to quote the seller description here because it says it all:

With its durable vinyl outer layer and plush, quilted-cotton sleeve, the iMaxi helps keep your iPad clean and dry. Plus, the iMaxi’s Velcro-latched, advanced wing design wraps snugly around your device, so your iPad always stays where it should. Best of all, it shields it from all those unsightly and embarrassing data leaks that would make any motherboard worry!

It’s the perfect one-of-a-kind embarrassing gift for the Apple geek in your life! Don’t be caught letting your iPad show!

They are selling these for $30.00, and they come in a variety of colors from funny to scandalous…

Of  course, there will be many many more trendy and stylish iPad cases, sleeves, bags, and more coming out soon. Stay tuned for more updates and full reviews!


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  1. It’s really crazy how many different types of accessories you can get for the iPad. Just by Apple creating the iPad they made a new market for tons of companies to profit from. It’s pretty cool if you think about it.

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