Polaroid PoGo Wireless Bluetooth Photo Printer Review

polaroid-010I am a hardcore picture taker. Paparazzo. Twit-Pic-er. What that means, is that whenever I’m out with my friends or family, I’m that girl that will stop a stranger on the street and make them take a picture. Maybe even two. Although a tad annoying at times, friends are (usually) happy when the pictures appear on Facebook for their enjoyment the next day. But when people aren’t as good about posting pictures as I am, I get irritated, wishing I could have that cute group shot we took over the weekend. Finally, Polaroid thought of a solution with the Polaroid PoGo. This printer syncs with any Bluetooth device to print pictures on-the-go. Yes! Once the PoGo is synced with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone, you can send pictures to the device and instantly print them out for your friends and family on adorable little 2 inch by 1 inch pre-cut glossy photo paper. That means you can take a picture in the beginning of dinner and print out 8 copies for all your friends by the time you’ve eaten your appetizer.

The Polaroid PoGo is a stylish and sleek 4 inch by 3 inch photo printer, available in pink or black for around $49.99. The PoGo is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be charged by plugging the device into the wall using the included charger. If you don’t want to wait for the device to charge, you can leave it plugged in and turn the power on. After you charge the PoGo, you’ll need to load the zinc photo paper into the printer. Each package of zink photo paper is individually sealed and comes with 10 sheets of the specially designed photo paper for around $10.99 a pack. Once you open the wrapped package, you’ll be happy to know there’s a large blue card, instructing you which way to insert the paper into the printer. There will be no confusion over glossy side up or down. Remove the reminder blue card and insert the paper into the printer. Done! That was easy. Turn the PoGo on. Done! Also easy thanks to the large power button on the side. Now your printer is ready to sync with your cell phone.


On your cell phone, turn the Bluetooth sync on. Doing this obviously depends on the type of cell phone you have, but hopefully the process won’t be that difficult once you’re in the settings on your phone. Ok, Bluetooth is on. Your Bluetooth device should pick up a signal from the PoGo printer, which you will know because it calls out the Bluetooth device as “Polaroid.” Click on Polaroid, type in the passcode provided in the packaging, and press sync. Hopefully your Bluetooth cell phone will have no problem finding the PoGo. If your phone won’t sync with the PoGo, the package comes with a toll free help line number as well as detailed instructions.

Once you’re sync’d with the Polaroid PoGo, you’re ready to print. Go into your phone’s photo gallery, click on “Share via Bluetooth” and send the photo to the PoGo print. Presto! About 30 seconds later, the photo will print on the zink photo paper. An adorable 2 inch by 1 inch picture. One thing I really liked about the printer is that it uses zinc technology so the picture comes out completely dry and smudgeproof. What’s great about the printer is that you don’t always need to print directly from your cell phone. If you’d like to print from your digital camera you can connect the camera via USB and print equally adorable 1 inch by 2 inch pictures from your camera. Or print from your computer! The possibilities are endless. Picture quality obviously depends on your camera’s resolution, which for cell phones oftentimes isn’t very good. This is a completely different story if you’re printing from your camera or computer.

The Pros:
-Detailed instructions including scenario instructions if things don’t work right away. Also a big card separate from the instruction manual that calls out the toll free number.
-Zink “ink” makes for smudge free pictures that are instantly dry
-Easy to follow instructions and help is available if necessary

The Cons:
-From the time you click print to the time the picture actually prints takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute
-No way to print multiple copies of a picture at once

Overall the PoGo printer is an awesome way to print your pictures on-the-go. I love that you’re able to send pictures directly from your phone to the printer with Bluetooth, rather than sending pictures to your computer and then printing them out. The adorable 1×2 inch printouts are great party favors for your friends to remember a great night out.

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