Toy Fair 2010: Rubik’s Cube Goes High Tech with Rubik’s Slide

420In celebration of Rubik’s Cube upcoming 30th anniversary, the old favorite is getting a face lift. The Rubik’s Slide, $17.99, is an electronic version of of the classic Rubik’s that incorporates elements of the classic Rubik’s but takes it to a new techy level with new games. The flat electronic version draws upon elements of the classic Rubik’s but turns the cube into a game of speed and strategy.

The goal of the Slide is to copy the machine’s LED light display patterns. Players begin each puzzle by checking the goal pattern and then sliding the lights into the correct pattern by twisting and shifting the top panel of the cube. Once the puzzle is solved, Rubik’s Slide will advance to the next puzzle. The game talks to you telling you what level of difficulty you’re attempting as well as your top score.


With over 10,000 puzzles, the Rubik’s Slide can be played in Free Play mode where players try to solve the patterns or they can race against the clock to complete 10 puzzles before time runs out in Lightning Round. Rubik’s Slide includes multiple levels of difficulty with easy, medium and hard puzzles built-in, so anyone can play. The electronic game features vibrant light and sound effects, adjustable volume control, and high score memory,

You can get the Rubik’s Slide in the fall of 2010.

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