Rush Hour Logic App for iPhone and Android–Perfect Game When Stuck in Traffic

rush-hour-iphone2A game of strategy, the tried and true Rush Hour Logic game is now available for free on iPhone and Android. The ultimate bordeom buster for when you’re actually stuck in traffic or on the train, Rush Hour Logic is one of those games where you aim to release your car from the unbearable traffic jam.

“Our customers around the world have been asking for a Rush Hour app, the iPhone version was introduced in November 2009, and now the Android application joins the Rush Hour family,” says Bill Ritchie, ThinkFun co-founder and CEO.

And with the new apps, it’s not good enough to simply get your car out of the traffic jam, but rather in Perfect Score mode, your Android phone can grade you on how efficiently you got out of the jam. And of course, there is a solve button for those who cannot stand the traffic jam anymore!

And if you’re a hardcore Rush Hour Logic fan, you can unlock over 2500 new challenges with the purchase of the $1.99 version of the app, available in the Android marketplace or app store. With the regular app, you will get 35 puzzles. Find the Rush Hour/Android app for free in the Android Market on your handset – categories:  Games – Brain & Puzzle.


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