Go on a Speed Date Via Skype with Skypecandy

screenshot_01Yes, Valentine’s day is just right around the corner and companies are pulling out all the stops to create new and exciting techie ways to either date, or atleast attempt to not be alone that day. Skyecandy is a new speed dating application that will be launching on Valentines’s Day via Skype. Skyecandy matches members for five minute video speed dates with real people from all over the world. Interact face-to-face and meet potential partners or make new friends using Skype, without having to exchange any personal information. Speed date sessions run every six minutes. Each date runs for five minutes with a minute in between that enables you to give a simple answer, YES or NO. If you both vote YES, you can continue to communicate for free with each other using Skype. You can also record your thoughts with Reminder Notes about the date and send a PS Note to someone you liked. Currently, Skyecandy works as a third party application that requires a PC, internet access and a webcam. You can download Skyecandy directly from Skype’s Tools Menu.


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