Sonoro Cubo 2010 and eDock is an All in One Sexy Audio Solution

cubo_2010_RedSonoro is well known for their trendy high quality audio products, so why not add to to the already popular Cubo line and introduce a new Cubo called ‘Cubo 2010‘ as well as an eDock. What’s difference from the original Cubo? Well there are new colors, iPod, iPod iTouch and iPhone docking and RF remote control. The new cubo 2010 high gloss lacquered finishes are in sonoro red, black, white and silver colours and fuchsia pink, jungle green and lemon yellow.  The natural wood finishes come in rich dark oak and environmentally-friendly bamboo. Cubo 2010 users can operate the device from another room and at a distance with a special RF remote control. The Sonoro eDock, an auxiliary docking station is compatible with all older gen and newer gen iPod models, including the iPod touch 3G iPhone 3GS. When paired with eDock, the Cubo 2010 package becomes an all-in-one complete audio solution retailing for 369€ (US $502) and the eDock for 69€ (US $94).


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