Hasbro Star Wars R/C Millennium Falcon Doesn’t Require Han Solo

Star Wars1If you ever wanted to control your own Millennium Falcon you’ll be able to in the fall. Hasbro has announced the availability of an indoor flying remote control Millennium Falcon. When we saw it in action we were pretty impressed.  It is 11 inches long and 8 inches wide, the largest flying Star Wars R/C to date and is highly detailed, easy to fly and includes a charging controller and vehicle battery for up to five minutes of flying time. When we saw it in action were where extremely impressed on how high it got and how quickly it took off. Expect the STAR WARS R/C Millennium Falcon to retail for $49.99 and be available in the Available: Fall 2010. I’m sure plenty of adults will want this more than the kids.

Star Wars2Star Wars3

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