Thinksound TS01 Earphones Review

screenshot_06Thinksound is a company that began with the sole intention of offering incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. Their recently launched TS01 line certainly sounds incredible, and judging by the packaging and components, it certainly seems to be designed with the greenest intentions. Thunder in-ear 10mm ear buds are made of real wooden housing and feature passive noise isolation. Music is natural sounding and the bass is great.

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What’s in the box:
The packaging is very minimalistic. Constructed from recycled materials, this small package includes the headphones, warranty information, and a cotton carrying pouch (sewn from renewable sources), which contains a cord clip and 3 different sized silicone eartips. The eartips come in XS, S, M, and L sizes.

Wooden housing is a real classy touch on earbuds. It comes in Black Chocolate and Silver Cherry finishes [Black Chocolate pictured]. The wood housing serves its function by providing more resonance than buds in a similar price range. The cable is appropriately sized at 50 inches, and is PVC-free. It feels a bit thicker than regular headphone cables, and is also “tangle resistant”. While tangling is always likely to occur with any cable, it does seem to be easier to straighten out then many other headphone cables out there. The gold-plated straight plug is well reinforced with a thick casing. The silicone eartips are black with the Black Chocolate model, and a white with Silver Cherry finish. They are also quite comfortable.

Performance and Audio/music quality:

Finding the right eartip fit is important. The difference between a good seal and the perfect seal was quite large. With the perfect seal, music sounded very natural on the TS01. As previously mentioned, the wood offers more resonance than you would notice from metal or plastic earbuds. If you don’t think you have the ear for resonance, you would very likely  be able to hear the difference when listening to a song with acoustic guitar (try Eric Clapton’s acoustic version of ‘Layla’). The bass is deep and the highs and mids are at the right level. The passive noise cancellation will mask out a lot of background noise and ambient sound, including most chatter.

Thinksound TS01 retails for $74.99, but can be found for $44.99 online (Amazon). For just under $45 these earbuds are well worth the audio quality they provide, not to mention the small part you’d be playing in maintaining environmentally friendly. From audio quality alone they are a close competitor to many of the $100 earbuds we listen to. These eco-friendly earbuds will stay comfortable sitting in your ears for hours. They also come with a six month limited warranty.

The Good: Great bass, great resonance, looks good, feels good, and great price!
The Bad: They may expose sub-par MP3 bit-rates like 128kbps.

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