Attack of the Movies 3D for Wii and X-Box 360

reply_card [Converted]Even more 3D goodness for all and this time you don’t need to buy an expensive TV, you just need a Wii or X-Box 360.  Attack of the Movies 3D is the first-ever 3D shooter for Wii or X-Box 360. Just put your included 3D glasses on and grab  your Wiimote or 360 controller and blast hordes of enemies as you travel to cinematic worlds in a 3D movie type environment reminiscent of the 50’s. Fight invasions of Aliens in Cosmic Combat or get all terminator-like in Robot Rebellion. There is four player multi-player available and 4 pairs of 3D glasses are also included. The game is very arcade style and replayability is high as you can fight and see unique areas depending on your choices throughout the game. Getting to play the game a bit in person was fun but the 3D wasn’t really popping off the screen as I anticipated but instead enhanced the depth of perception which alone is amazing. It is certainly an affordable way to bring 3D entertainment home to the consumers without a breaking the bank. Expect Attack of the Movies 3D to be released in the Spring from Majesco.

attack 4 player spaceattack 4 player underwaterattack single robotsattack single scorpion bossattack single shark

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