Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 for Wii Review

02Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 for the Nintendo Wii, is a unique addition to the DDR series that brings alternative forms of play as well as 30 different song titles. While at first DDR may seem intimidating to new comers, Hottest Party 3 allows for players of all skill levels to have fun while dancing to their favorite songs. One of the most welcoming features is the ability to play the game in brand new ways. The game allows for players to use either a dance pad, a Wii balance board, a Wiimote, or Wiimote and nun chuck combination. These different styles allow for anyone to find a way into the DDR world without having fearing complicated step patterns.

The game offers multiple roles to play including a training mode and DDR school, which are geared towards helping newcomers find their way amongst the flowing multi-dimensional arrows. The tournament mode is where most of your time will be spent. In this mode you will be participating in various tournaments to try and earn your way to becoming a dance champion. You can also unlock new characters and songs in this mode. While playing the game you really get the feeling that you are in an actual dance tournament having to complete regional, state, and finally national level competitions.

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The game does a great job of making the songs challenging while never putting them out of reach. No matter how hard a song seems it can be concurred. With artists such as Pitbull, Neo, and Gorillaz making appearances in the song selection you will soon find yourself burning calories and dancing like a pro as you attempt to beat your top scores. The game does have some negative points. The graphics, while decent, are none too amazing. Don’t expect mind bending visual stimulation to go along with the songs that you dance too. Also, despite the fact that the game is newbie friendly, there is a huge learning curve. It will take quite some time before you are able to play this game on its harder difficulties.

screenshot_01Overall Hottest Party 3 is a great investment for some family fun. The game, while somewhat difficult, is not impossible and inspires some hard work. You will get hours of enjoyment dancing to some of your favorite artists such as Neo, Rihanna, and even Lady GaGa. Last but not least, the game is an excellent source of cardio, and it will give anyone a great workout giving it a 3.5 out of 5 in my book. Hottest Party 3 can be picked up as a bundle package with a dance pad included for $49.99 at Amazon.

The Good: Fun way to burn calories, great variety of dance/pop songs

The Bad: Graphics are nothing special, gameplay can get difficult on its harder difficulties

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