Hello Kitty Action Alarm Clock Competes with Clocky

hello-kitty-alarm-clock-2This latest and greatest from Hello Kitty could be considered the Japanese version of Clocky. When the clock hits the set time, Ms. Kitty will start moving around until you turn her off. So basically you have to catch her in order to shut her off. All the while as she is speaking Japanese and saying “Good morning, it’s time! Goooood morning! Hey, hey, you’re gonna be late!” She will smack into walls and change directions all while you are running after her in your jammies.  This is an official import from Sanrio and probably the most annoying Hello Kitty gadget to be released, yet – and that is something to brag about! The Hello Kitty Action Alarm Clock retails for $85.



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  1. Got this clock for my 13 year old; unless there is a switch I have not found, it only plays a very quiet little song. Though insipidly annoying, it isn’t at all effective to wake my zombie of a teenager. I will give her points for sensing the edges of the furniture effectively – Kitty has never once taken a suicidal leap off the nightstand. Cute, but not great in the alarm department.

    If anyone can read the directions & knows how to make her do the nagging to get up, it would save me one chore in the morning!

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