Jellyfish Mood Lamp is Touch Sensitive

p2623_bigIf you’re looking for a new lamp for your room, how about going with something a bit trippy, and even moody. The Jellyfish Mood Lamp is pretty rad in the way that it is able to shift through RGB colors. We’re talking about colorful rainbow combinations, for a total of 16 million color and brightness combinations. But what makes the Jellyfish Mood Lamp even cooler, is the way you create these technicolor creations  – using your finger you can swipe and slide across the touch control located on the face of the lamp. Slide across to choose a color, flick up to lighten the color, and flick down to darken the color. The touch sensitive panel adds a level of interactivity that you rarely see on an ordinary lamp. You can pick up the Jellyfish Mood Lamp at Firebox for $198.p2623_extra12

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