Joos Orange Personal Solar Appliance Boasts 20X More Power Than Other Devices

portable-solar-chargerThe Joos Orange is a waterproof and Versatile “Personal Solar Appliance.” The JOOS Orange promises that it can make more power than any other personal solar charger on the market today. As a matter of fact, it claims that it can produce unto 20x more, and with their optional reflector kit – even 30 times more. It will deliver more than 2.5 hours of cell phone talk time for every hour of charging time and it has the capability of charging existing personal solar power devices. This is not the most attractive looking thing, but it certainly is very helpful when you need to charge something and don’t have access to an electrical outlet. It works with a dead battery and can be charged by USB, and it also works in low-light conditions.  The Joos Orange will retail for $99.95.

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