Tech from a Small Island: LavAzza A Modo Mio, Nasal Identification and Ila Wedge with Hidden Camera

zara 280x300 Tech from a Small Island: LavAzza A Modo Mio, Nasal Identification and Ila Wedge with Hidden Camera

British Summertime has finally kicked in, with the clocks going forward and allowing us all some more sunshine in our days. To celebrate this we take a look at a funky Tokyo Flash watch to check the newly changed time on, and see how projectors are becoming more commonplace in the techsphere. After the mobile overload of MWC last month, we’re a little burnt out from new handsets, but stay tuned for exciting new entries in April.

2009111650 Tech from a Small Island: LavAzza A Modo Mio, Nasal Identification and Ila Wedge with Hidden Camera

Noses used to catch criminals!
We’re used to fingerprint readers on computers and endure retina scans at airports, but a recent report from the University of Bath has identified the nose as the latest unique marker for identification. Using a scanner known as PhotoFace on a selection of noses, researchers took  detailed measurements of the various aspects, from size, to length and shape and came up with six common nose types. The types are labelled as follows: Roman, Greek, Nubian, Hawk, Snub and the oh so flatteringly named Turn-up.

The nose is a feature that can be easily identified in crowd scenes, whereas eyes are hidden by glasses and fingerprints are a no go zone. Naturally anyone who undertakes rhinoplasty will fall through this detection software, so it’s not a perfect science, but it is an added way to target known suspects at busy areas such as airports and concerts.
What we really want to know though is which nose shape is more prone to criminal activity?

[via the Telegraph]

ila wedge door alarm Tech from a Small Island: LavAzza A Modo Mio, Nasal Identification and Ila Wedge with Hidden Camera

ila Wedge
ila are at it again, making security and safety devices a little more feminine. We’ve already seen their decorated ila Dusk rape alarm that’s designed to look like you’re carrying a fashionable keyring, and now they’ve turned their clever heads towards the issue of security when you’re alone in a house.

The ila Wedge is essentially a doorstop with a difference. For one, it’s lilac and emblazoned with curly pink flowers, and second and more importantly it contains a motion activated security alarm which blares out a 130db siren when it’s moved. This means that you can rest comfortably in your bed, secure that you’ll have advance warning of any intruder. This could be particularly good for travellers, as hostels often feel unsafe and this would be an extra way of protecting yourself. True, it won’t save you from a determined intruder, but forewarned is forearmed.
Out later this year, price TBD.

Zepii V60 Tech from a Small Island: LavAzza A Modo Mio, Nasal Identification and Ila Wedge with Hidden Camera

The Zepii V60
Inject a little Italian glamour into your life with the Zepii, a retro styled Vespa looky likey scooter, similar to the Barbiefied pink version we showed you recently. Not only does the Zepii have some serious contours, with customisable options, it also contains a 1500 watt electric motor, which makes it extremely green as well.
It can make speeds of 35mph, and go for around 40 minutes on one charge which takes approximately 4-7 hours. The Zepii is equipped with 13 inch wheels for maximum traction and has hydraulic brakes at the front and rear. Cost for usage is an estimated 12p a day, which will definitely cut down on your gas bill, and it’s so glam to look at, no one will know how green it is (till you start bragging about it). It’s available in 9 colourways including purple haze, sky blue and pink cherry (pictured), with a variety of matching add-ons.
£1350 from Zepii.

Air Mouse Elite Tech from a Small Island: LavAzza A Modo Mio, Nasal Identification and Ila Wedge with Hidden Camera

Movea Gyration Air Mouse Elite
Computer peripherals happen to be a little bit of an obsession for me, as how well they work can really affect your user experience. Movea has just released news of an update to their beloved motion sensing mouse, labelled the Gyration Air Mouse Elite. This palm sized pretty frees you from being chained to your desk, and allows you to interact with your content and media from across the room, -up to 30 metres away.

In reality this means it’s most useful if you’re watching video and adjusting the volume, or showing people a PowerPoint presentation, but it is also full of features to make these tasks more interesting. A flick of the wrist turns the mouse pointer into a highlighter or laser light, and you can use it to start media within a slide. It works by using a gyroscope to measure the angle and speed of the cursor between points, letting you select what you wish- even working through walls (X-ray specs not included). It’s compatible with both Macs and PCs and connects via a wireless USB. £89.99 from Gyration

MiLi iPhone Projector Tech from a Small Island: LavAzza A Modo Mio, Nasal Identification and Ila Wedge with Hidden Camera

MiLi iPhone Projector
The iPhone is as notorious for the rather poor quality of its camera as it is for an amazing user friendly browsing experience. The MiLi won’t improve the quality of your images, but will allow you to share them with your friends, projector stylee. This year we’ve seen a rise in projector based devices such as the LG eXPo projector phone and the Nikon camera mashup, but seeing as Apple is pretty resistant to following market trends, don’t expect the iPhone to come with an integrated projector anytime soon. You can however still enjoy beaming your oh so blurry party pics onto surfaces, with the help of the MiLi.

The MiLi is a docking cradle for the iPhone that beams an image or video of up to 70 inches onto any available surface. A USB charge gives you 1.5 hours of juice and it comes with integrated speakers and a remote control for adjusting colour, volume and menu settings.  It even charges your iPhone when you dock it and it’s also compatible with iPods and some Blackberries. This is a pretty cool way of sharing your iPhone content with your friends, but the price is pretty prohibitive, so you may want to think about getting an LG eXPo instead. £229 from I Want One of Those.

Lavazza Limited Edition Modo Mio Tech from a Small Island: LavAzza A Modo Mio, Nasal Identification and Ila Wedge with Hidden Camera

Limited Edition LavAzza A Modo Mio
I think it would be fair to say I’m not a morning person. Waking before 11am (which sadly is most days) has me prowling around my apartment snapping the head of anyone who comes between me and my coffee. Sadly my Starbucks habit is getting pretty costly so I’ve been considering investing in a coffee machine.

The A Modo Mio is created by LavAzza, who are known for their skill with caffeinated beverages, as this Italian run business have been involved in the coffee bean industry since 1895. They expanded their range of brews into the electrical appliance market, and the A Modo Mio is the culmination of many years of investigation into how to recreate the barista experience at home. The A Modo Mio has an arm to allow you to create steam for your lattes as well as a hot water setting for tea, and an automatic ejection button. The premium model has a panerello frother to create cappuccino milk and it has a removable water tank. They’ve just released 4 ultra bright limited editions in pink, turquoise, lime and orange, which will not only brighten up the kitchen, but will make me a lot less grouchy in the morning.  £119 from LavAzza

Tokyo Flash Kisai Sensai Tech from a Small Island: LavAzza A Modo Mio, Nasal Identification and Ila Wedge with Hidden Camera

Tokyo Flash Kisai Sensai Watch
It’s not like I have aspirations to join the cast of Dr Who (though that would be awesome) but I do have a lifelong addiction to geek chic, and Tokyo Flash watches tend to make the most hardened geek start drooling. The latest design in their range is the Kisai Sensai, a brushed aluminium watch that encases LED lights beneath black acrylic lenses. As with all their funky watches you’ll need to spend a bit of time with the instruction manual if you want to decipher the lights, as each colour stands for something different- hours, 5 minute section and 1 minute sections.

The LED lights automatically light up every 12 minutes to show you the time, but you can also check manually. They light up by rotating animatedly in a way that’s sure to draw attention to your arm candy and they’re a must have for any geek with fashion pretensions. £179 from Amazon

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