Litter Robot 2 Bubble Unit Lets Light in So Cats Don’t Poop in the Dark

Litter RobotFor those already familiar with the Litter Robot for cats (That odd looking litter box contraption that looks like your cat is entering a space ship) will be thrilled to know that now your main coon cat can now go potty in there as well without a problem. The next generation Litter Robot is the LR2 Bubble Unit, aka Litter Robot 2 Bubble Unit. Which gives bigger cats more space too poop. The new ‘Skylight/Bubble’ type window adds 3 inches and adds natural light to this enclosed chamber – so kitty doesn’t have to be afraid to ‘go’ in the dark. Otherwise, everything else about it has remained the same and it still comes in the colors Beige, Gray, and Black.

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