Mario Kart Wii Light Projector Gacha Will Project Mario and His Crew Anywhere

mario_kart_wii_light_ProjectorsIf you love Mario or any Nintendo character as much as we do, then you’ll probably be super jazzed to be able to carry around this portable light projector that projects a Mario Kart character on any surface.  The Mario Kart Wii Light Projector looks like a miniature version of a Wii remote and at a press of the ‘A’ button, it will project 1 of 6 characters available in the game: Mario, Peach, Luigi, etc. Each item is sent out blindly as typical with any Japanese toy, so you don’t now who you will be getting, if it will be Mario or some lame character – so you’ll be effectively forced to buy many of these packs until you finally get your man. Luckily the price isn’t too bad. The Mario Kart Wii Light Projector Gacha comes in packs of 2 and retails for £5.95 (US $9)

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