Mimoco Releases New Mimobot GiddyUp for the Ladies

screenshot_04Mimoco, the company behind the MIMOBOT is at it again with a new collection of pop-art infused USB flash drives. The latest is not another Hello Kitty flash drive, but a Mimobot named GiddyUp by Hila Rosenberg Arazi. Specifically made for the ladies this time, the design deviates away a bit from the typical teddy bear style.  Hila has been a fan of the Mimobot’s for some time now and jumped at the chance to actually participate in making one.  Hila herself has an interesting back story: “With an Israeli mother and Australian father, Hila spent her childhood traveling back and forth between both countries, juggling hobbies such as building a cozy house for the garage opossum (he ate it) and making tiny gas-masks for all her stuffed animals during the first Gulf War. She went on pursuit of a bachelors degree in Visual Communications, but slowly drifted towards the Animation department, concentrating on stop motion and the wonderful world of miniature set design.”  The GiddyUp Mimobot will be available in capacities from 2GB to 16GB and will retail from $24.95 to $79.95 respectively.

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