Novothink Solar Surge for iPhone Is a Case & Battery Pack in One

Solar-SurgeNovothink has come out with a neat solar power charging solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and despite being solar powered, it manages to not be super ugly either. The Novothink Solar Surge doubles as a soft touch, non-slip finish case and it comes in several colors, including black, green, blue and white. This battery pack manages to provide your iPhone 3G or 3G S with up to 4 hours of additional battery life. The Solar Surge features a cutout so that you can easily attach it to a bag, wriststrap or carabiner.

Novothink has also come out with the Solar Planner App which provides an estimate of how much sun exposure is necessary to maintain the battery level of your iPod Touch or iPhone, based on your everyday usage and the current weather forecast. The Novothink Solar Surge is available now in Black and White from Novothink.com for $79.95 for iPhone 3G/3G S and $69.95 for the iPod Touch.Solar Surge Blue


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