Retrevo Shows You Tips on How to Sound Like Cher or Lady Gaga

sme76Technology has not only been a big influencer in our day to day gadgetry, but our music as well. Britney, Cher, Kanye, Coldplay, Bjork, Madonna, and even Lady Gaga are all known for getting a little help from software, synthesizers, or even a Macbook Pro here and there. Retrevo has an interesting blog post up that breaks it down from the early adopters like Hendrix and The Who who took full advantage of the new technologies that was available to them at the time and incorporated it into their music.  Then they flash forward to today and lists software, computer equipment, and gadgets that help make today’s artists songs sound so good. Weirdly enough, Retrevo is a site that specializes in selling electronics, yet took the time to actually come up with an interesting article that is relevant – go figure.

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