Samsung to Offer 3D Starter Kit with Every 3D TV or Blu-Ray Purchase

_DSC06853D televisions were the talk of the town at CES this year, and today in New York at Samsung’s 3D Wonder event they announced more initiatives committed to 3D HD television. For starters, they announced the world’s first available 3D LED TV, along with a full lineup of other 3D Home Entertainment products. In order to make 3D TV more accessible, Samsung will be giving a 3D starter Kit out to anyone who purchases a Samsung 3D TV, 3D Blu-Ray Player or Home Theater System in 2010. The 3D Starter Kit includes 2 pairs of Samsung active shutter 3D active glasses and a first-time, a 3D Blu-ray version of DreamWorks Animation’s 2009 release, Monsters vs. Aliens – which is a Samsung exclusive.
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Steve Katzenberg of Dreamworks was also on hand to announce that all of the Shrek films will now be available in 3D, and they’ll be exclusively compatible with Samsung’s 3D Home Theater products.

Samsung also announced their “Dedicated to Wonder” new marketing campaign. This campaign will promote their new 3D products, and it will also make 3D stations available at retails stores so that customers can easily try out 3D home theater products before making a purchasing decision. Samsung will also be rolling out 3D advertising displays in IMAX theaters in April. Meanwhile, at the time Warner Center in New York, they’ve set up a massive 3D installation where folks can put on 3D glasses and come check out walls of 3D LED TVs.

Overall, we’re excited to finally have 3D LED TVs starting to make their way onto store shelves. Color us opportunists, but we’re even more excited by the fact that this probably means that LED TV prices for Samsung’s non 3D TV’s will come down in price.

Other news items:
·   Samsung’s 3D TV lineup includes the LED 7000/8000/9000 Series, LCD 750 Series, and the Plasma 7000/8000 Series.
·   Available this month are the 3D capable 46” and 55” LED C7000, with the remaining 3D TVs rolling out over the next several months.
·   In the US, Samsung is launching a holistic marketing campaign under the name “Dedicated to Wonder.” The high-profile marketing effort will include television advertising and the first 3D Cinema advertising for a consumer electronics brand.

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