Samsung Diva S7070 Mobile for Ladies Finally Goes on Sale

screenshot_09For those of you lucky enough to be in the U.K., the self proclaimed lady phone, the Samsung Diva S7070 is now available for sale in shops. Marketed specifically towards women, the pretty attractive Diva phone is a part of the Samsung Diva Collection 2010, which offers mobile phones that are “exquisitely” designed for modern women. The S7070 in particular sports a white embossed quilted back cover with a matching diamond-shaped crystal on the front. There is even a hidden “glittering” LED screen that illuminates to notify you of a message.

The phone heavily focuses on social networking by integrating Facebook and MySpace. In addition, its 3.2MP camera features a special beauty shot mode lets you touch up images right on the camera. A special Lomo mode also adds neat lomography filter effects to photos. Unfortunately, the phone does not have support for 3G, which is pretty much unacceptable nowadays. But one super convenient and unique feature of the phone is its “SOS Message” and “fake Call” feature which can potential save you from the likes of a bad blind date. It accomplishes this by letting users send a direct message or a call to assigned public security services so that they can get a fake call when needed.

So what do you think of this phone ladies? Is it offensive or spot on in its marketing towards women? And hey, at least they didn’t just make it pink or purple this time around! They actually thought more about what features a woman would specifically appreciate.

For those of you eager to get the Diva in the U.S., have no fear since it’s bound to show up on bay unlocked. Meanwhile, you can check out a full review of the phone at Phone Arena.


(Via Pocket Lint)


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