Samsung’s Multimedia Notebooks Make Their Way to Best Buy


Samsung_R-series_notebooksIt took years for Samsung to start selling their stylish laptops in the United States. But even once they became available in the U.S., pretty much the only place you could find them was online. If you’re like us, you probably like to see a laptop in person before shelling out your hard earned cash for it. Finally, a U.S. retailer, Best Buy, will be carrying some of Samsung’s notebooks in its stores. The R480: $729.99, R580: $829.99, the R780: $929.99 (available exclusively on BestBuy.com), and the Samsung N210 netbook will be on display at Best Buy starting March 7th.

The R80 series of notebooks are perfect for watching movies both at home and on the go with a built in Blu-ray optical drive. Additionally, the nVIDIA GeForce graphics card included in the R580 and R780 will appeal to the gamer in any household. The HD LED displays (17.3” – R780, 15.6” – R580, 14.0” – R480) provide the sharpest images and boldest colors with a proper 16:9 aspect ratio. With a built-in Webcam and integrated microphone, they are ideal for use communicating with friends and family over Skype or other VoIP networks. With an HDMI output, these models are perfect for college students or anyone who wants to play Blu-ray movies or stream HD video directly to their TV.