Santok SMC1000 iPhone Boombox Speaker Sports a Visual Equalizer

790_image1_SMC1000_BOOMBOXSPEAKERIMAGE3_500We have been pretty quiet on the iPod dock front for a while, because really, there hasn’t been anything worth reporting about. Well this nice little stereo boombox certainly is interesting enough. The Santok Stereo boombox with SRS is a docking station for both the iPod and iPhone, but what is really unique about it is the fact that it has a VFD display with a sound sensitive visual equalizer. Some other features include 12 Watt speakers,line-in port, digital clock, radio tuner and touchpad with remote. It also has a nice sleek black finish making it very appealing in a bedroom or office setting. The Santok SMC1000 Boombox iPod Dock retails for £99.99 ($150.00).


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