Twitter and 3G Play a Vital Role in Chilean Earthquake

100301-chile-firestation-5p.hmediumEven though the Chilean people are suffering from a terrible earthquake, there are still a  few homes that have a working internet connection intact. The Red Cross is asking those folks who are lucky enough to still have their service to share with others who might not be so lucky, so that more people can communicate with loved ones outside the area.  Surprisingly, in the midst of all the chaos, Twitter has been used as a key communication link for Chile. The Red Cross has been using Twitter to send brief updates and to the point messages “Share your Wi-fi with residents for them to inform and communicate,”, they’ve been also tweeting out updates about shelters, and important announcements all via Twitter letting the public know what is going on.
iPhones, and BlackBerrys have also played a vital part in this earthquake because of 3G, which is the only working wireless network. Once again people took to Twitter via their phones to tell folks were they are trapped in the dark.  “Almost 53 percent of Chile’s population are Internet users, and about 10 percent of them rely on high-speed, or broadband, connections to get to the Web.” Additionally, Chile is not only Twitter savvy but they appear to be a leader in terms of Internet and broadband service as they were the first country in Latin America to use 4G (WiMax). So as devastating as the Chilean earthquake has been – this time around technology will play a vital role in helping to save many lives.


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