Geek Squad Helps Sober Up Your Cellphone on St. Patricks Day

_DSC0696The luck of the Irish will be with all of us on Wednesday the 17th in honor of St Patrick’s Day. So it was kind of odd when we received Tupperware from Geek Squad that included a bag of uncooked rice and beef jerky for the holiday. We were left scratching our heads – what is techie about this? But after we dug deeper, we realized it was a survival guide for St. Patrick’s Day. In case you get too festive that day – these eight steps will save you, when you drop your cellphone into a big glass of ale.

Step1: Turn off phone and remove battery

Step 2: Dry phone (inside and out) with a cloth

Step3: Check if you have beef Jerky or uncooked rice

If you have Beef Jerky follow the next few steps –

Step 4: Take the silica packet out of the jerky bag

Step 5: Take airtight container and place the phone and silica packet inside

Step 6: Seal the container and leave it overnight

Step 7: Eat jerky in nervous panicky way hoping cellphone isn’t dead

Step 8: Put the battery in the phone and turn it on

If you want to use uncooked rice –

Step 4: Take an airtight container and pour the uncooked rice inside

Step 5: Put your phone in the rice

Follow Step 6 and Step 8 above.

Step 8: Use left over unused rice to make sushi

There you have it one nice and dry phone no matter which method you choose!

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