Hands on With the Xpand X102 3D Glasses

_DSC0691A few days ago we got a hands on with the Durable XpanD X102 Series active glasses. We had been trying out different 3D glasses for the last few months now – from the simple paper ones too humongous black ones. So it was nice to try on a pair of 3D glasses that weren’t all that hideous or huge, and that didn’t leave me a headache from wearing them for too long.

My overall first impression of the Xpand X102 is that they are certainly durable. These glasses are being marketed to a crowd of early adopters, as well as fans of the whole Avatar experience. I got to play two 3D based video games and watch a few short 3D movies while wearing the glasses. Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that impressed with the 3D based games – one being Avatar. In fact I was left with a yearning for some Dramamine. However I was, very impressed with the way the glasses interacted with the 3D specific movies. The experience was rich and deep. While some of the movies displayed 3D in the traditional sense of popping off the screen and in your face, many of the short movies allowed you to experience the depth and perception in a new and unique way that really immerses you in to the film.

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The Xpand X102 glasses themselves are rugged and are meant to work with any 3D enabled TV through an IR transmitter built into the glasses, as if it were a remote control. The XpanD X102 do not fold, but they are bendable and sit comfortable on your face for a decent amount of time. However, they do give the impression that you are wearing a modern version of the classic red view-master as glasses.

Not widely available yet for purchase, the XpanD X102 is just one of many 3D pairs of glasses that will be available soon, and it will be bundled to work with technology from leading companies such as Samsung who will be launching 3D televisions in the near future.

Personally the dust is finally settling over the whole analog to DTV transition, so I think many will be hard pressed to want to throw out their new TV’s in place of a 3D enabled one just for a few thrills here and there. But like any technology it takes time to adapt, so lets see if the 3D emergence is truly successful this time around and whether or not it doesn’t end up like Beta-Max.

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  1. this article is incorrect as these glasses X102 only work with DLP projectors and TV’s not the new 3D LED TV’s using IR emitters – the X104 model should cover all devices when it is released?

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