Beats by Dr. Dre Red Sox Headphones Hit a Home Run with Music Fans

-1Monster Cable is at it again with new headphone collaborations, but this time they aren’t collaborating with a music artist the way they usually do. Instead, their Beats by Dr. Dre has teamed up with the formidable Boston Red Sox to create a special pair of Beats covered in the official Boston Red Sox team colors and insignia. These  headphones have got to be the amongst the classiest baseball merch ever made. The headphones will retail for $399.95 and should go on sale soon at Best Buy and Apple Stores nationwide. The headphones are being made available with Monster iSoniTalk, a microphone/headphone adapter for iPhone, and other music enabled phones. These new badass headphones will include new advanced materials, sophisticated construction, extra large drivers, and a powerful digital amplifier, Beats by Dr. Dre Red Sox Edition Headphones deliver detailed highs, and super low, deep bass.  These new headphone definitely scream take me out to the ballgame.


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