Creative announces the ZiiSoundTM D5 Bluetooth Speaker System

31i5D+E2msL1Today Creative announced the ZiiSoundTM D5 speaker system – It is a one-piece wireless speaker system that incorporates apt-X audio codec for “outstanding” stereo Bluetooth audio. The ZiiSound D5 speaker system will work with any compatible stereo Bluetooth device – from mobile phones, portable media players to the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad, netbooks, notebooks, and just about every Bluetooth A2DP enabled device. With this device launch, Creative is single handily trying to tell folks that docking stations might be a thing of the past.
ZiiSound D5 speaker system offers 3 ways to pair devices:

1.   Connect the iPhone/iPod, and the iPad with the iPod Transmitter (which is included)

2.   Connect via a USB Bluetooth Transmitter attached to the notebook or netbook

3.   Connect via the built-in Bluetooth feature on the mobile device

The ZiiSound D5 speaker system will retail for $299.99 and the USB Transmitter (BT-D1) worth $39.99 will be bundled free of charge with the ZiiSound D5 speaker system during the initial launch.

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