Denon Rolls Out HDMI 1.4a, 3D Support and Pandora into New AVRs

_DSC0617Today, Denon who is also celebrating their 100th anniversary, unveiled their 2010 line-up. Their new lineup includes headphones, Blu-ray players and AVR systems, and each one of these new devices are packed with the latest technologies that the market has to offer. HDMI 1.4a, full support for 3D, full iPod support, and the ability to stream Pandora and Flickr, are just some of the new features that they’ve stashed into their new product lineup. It’s apparent that Denon is trying very hard to stay ahead of the curve by bringing just about every feature to their products that they possibly can.

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Their new AVRs are now featuring a single HDMI solution. That means that you only need to have a single cable running from your TV to the AVR. All of their new systems are also using HDMI 1.4a which means that that they are compatible with all types of 3D content – whether it’s 3D Blu-ray content or a 3D broadcast. That also means that these systems are as future proof as you can get right now. The systems also come with new remote controls that sport alphanumeric keypads so that inputting information is easier than ever.

outofboxThe onscreen GUI has also been updated to include an onscreen keyboard and an easy to use Auto set-up so that the average consumer can set up their AVR system without having to resort to a installation specialist. Most of their new AVRs also have full iPod support without having to turn your iPod in to airplane mode. ipod
They’ve also added support for Flac and Flac HD audio formats. And for multimedia and audiostreaming, besides Napster and Rhapsody, you’ll also be able to take advantage of Pandora and Flickr. Pandora includes artist and album information, and even bit rate information, just like it does in the web browser experience. With Flickr you can search by tags and contest, and start a slideshow using the audiostreaming service of your choice.pandora

In their CI line of AVRs, all of the models feature 7 channels and come with a 3 year warranty for parts and labor. On the other end off the spectrum, they’ve introduced their most inexpensive model ever, the new AVR-391 which retails for just $249 with 5 channels.

Blu-ray Players
Moving forward all Denon Blu-ray players will be universal and incorporate streaming. These new systems also support Divx HD+, YouTube, Netflix, Ethernet for BD Live, come with 1GB of memory and a USB port for adding more memory. All of these systems are 3D ready and they’ll become fully 3D capable via a firmware update that becomes available in the fall. The DBP-1611UD particularly hits the sweet spot with a $399 price tag and 3D support.

The new Ah-NC800 ($349) is a pair of over the ear noise canceling headphones that use dual circuitry for noise canceling. Denon went to great lengths to ensure that these headphones not only sound good, but that they’re super comfortable. They claim that the design is able to fit roughly 98% of the human heads on the planet, so that they’re really very comfortable. They’ve also introduced several other pairs, including the over the ear $99 AH-D510R which feature an Apple compatible mic and controller that has been added to a total of 4 different models, including in-ear models.

Overall, Denon’s line-up has an impressive amount of forward thinking features, which seems promising coming from a company who until now has tended to seem to be more traditional rather than being a trendsetter.

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