The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day is Here, Now What’s Next?

earth-dayToday marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. And for the first time in many years, people, as well as companies have been actually working hard to go green all year long, instead of just doing something special on Earth Day alone. For example, we have previously talked about gadgets or old computer parts being recycled into kitschy wares. For instance, Steampunking was born from recycled old junk. Supermarkets and drugstores are selling reusable canvas bags so that way you can opt out of using plastic ones. Many banks, credit card companies, and utility companies have all gone green by offering paperless billing. Staples and AT&T are helping the cause by setting up drop off locations for discarded gadgets. Also, new generations of power strips and chargers are taking into consideration vampire energy, that not only sucks up electricity but wastes your money. Lastly, we must not forget the hybrid cars that are slowly but surely hitting the roads. This is not bad progress over a 40 year period, but there is still a ways to go. For now, check out the list below of the latest green innovations or activities you can participate in this week.

Green-ATT-EarthAT&T is sponsoring the Earth Day Network’s Earth Week event and hosting an interactive, solar-powered exhibit in Washington D.C. through April 25 on the National Mall. Additionally, today marks the launch of AT&T’s “One Million Eco Challenge,” a year-long program to engage one million youth around eco-friendly practices. AT&T customers can text ECO to 42345 to opt in for eco tips and Earth Week events provided by Earth Day Network and sustainability updates from AT&T.

Puma bag puma 2

Puma and Fuseproject just announced Puma’s Clever Little Bag. This new concept on shoeboxes is that it is no longer a box but a bag that will  replace the brand’s shoeboxes. Puma’s Clever Little Bag uses 65% less cardboard than your average shoebox. It consists of a  non-woven mesh and the recycled materials and it can be used as bag! Puma and fuseproject expect that Puma will reduce its use of water, energy and diesel consumption by more than 60% a year just because of this new unique design. Now if that doesn’t encourage you to buy their shoes, I don’t know what will.

donors chooseIf you can’t do something earth friendly today, why not fund an environmental classroom project.  DonorsChoose.Org lets you give a modest donation in order to help students plant trees, create a garden, study the atmosphere, and more. There is a plethora of projects to choose from and not only will it be good for the earth but educational for kids too.

sodastreamSodaStream offers a selection of soda makers that look a bit retro, yet they are high tech and eco-friendly in concept. Prepare carbonated sodas at home without having to lug home heavy cans or bottles because there are no bottles, cans, electricity or clean-up for that matter needed. Just add tap water and get ready to drink a cold beverage without hurting the environment.

hon_hexagonLastly Honeywell launched “Add Honeywell,” a new website that demonstrates how the company’s technologies and innovations are making the world safer and more secure, more comfortable and energy efficient, and more innovative and productive. Through their new website  you’ll be able to see Honeywell’s technologies in aerospace, homes, refineries, commercial buildings, and automobiles and its effect on the environment.

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