FM Transmitter for the Nexus One – Finally!


m_630716096439The accessories for the Nexus One may not be coming out as fast as they did for the iPhone or even iPad but slowly but surely they are trickling out. The HTC Nexus One FM Transmitter is the first one I have seen for the car and it isn’t half that bad in regards to design. The transmitter is made by a company called Kidigi and lets you transmit music from your phone to your car, there is Hi-Fi FM stereo transmission at 87.5~108mhz , and it charges through the cigarette lighter. However the controls could be a little hard to get to since they are located on the neck of the part that goes into the lighter. The online store doesn’t seem to have it in stock yet but I’m sure it will be popping up soon. You can also contact them directly if you are that desperately in need of one.