Hyundai Giving Away Free iPad with Every New Car Purchase

maxiChances are if you can afford the $50K+ Hyundai Equus luxury car, then you can afford the iPad too. But for those lucky enough to be buying the Equus, Hyundai is giving away a free iPad with every new Equus purchase. The iPad will even come preloaded with an interactive manual for the car for quick reference. The iPad will also work as a way to schedule service appointments. Once you make an appointment, a service attendant will come and pick up the car from the owner and leave them a loaner in its place while the car is in the shops. “Many will respond positively to the inclusion of an iPad, not because they needed or planned to buy one, but simply because it is topical and cool,” William Matthies of research firm Coyote Insight, who follows developments in automotive electronics.

(Via the USA Today iPad App)

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