HP TouchSmart and Vivenne Tam Butterfly Lovers Debut in Sex and the City 2

SamanthaIf there was ever any doubt that HP wants to be the go to computer for the ladies – they are about to hit that point home by unleashing their computers in the biggest chick flick to launch this summer – Sex and the City 2. Sex and the City has it all – fashion, style, entertainment, combined with everyone’s favorite group of ladies. This is a perfect place for HP to scatter their latest lineup like HP’s Mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition, “Butterfly Lovers”, HP TouchSmart PCs – which was just recently incorporated into a challenge on Project Runway, and lastly the HP TouchSmart tm2 notebook PCs which also got its debut as “digital sketchpads” for Project Runway designers. So I guess we should expect Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte to be tap tapping away on these in between shopping for Manolo Blahniks and lunching. But I have to mention it – from what I remember, didn’t Carrie have a MacBook? Looks like she must have become a PC. Check out the new exclusive footage that has a few extra minutes you haven’t seen before, as well as some cool pics of the HP computers making their Hollywood debut.

We’re also giving away the HP TouchSmart TM2 that is featured in the movie, so go ahead and enter for a chance to win one for yourself so that you too can geek out just like the Sex and the City girls are.



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