iTVGoogles ITG-Vidix Features MicroSD Slot for Reading eBooks in Your Eyes

ITG-VIDIXWe mentioned the iTV Goggles before about how it puts a 50″ TV screen or bigger in your face via a pair of eyewear, the latest is the ITG-Vidix which comes equipped with a built-in Micro SD card reader to play your videos, images, music and more. It also has a Built-in Media player and browser to view eBooks and all different types of media formats. However, you still have the option to use this pair of iTVGoggles as a display device much like a regular TV or  play video games, watch DVDs, TV or even use with your camcorder via a composite input. It will still give you a huge virtual screen equal to a 50″ TV screen about 6.5 feet away. The Micro SD card slot will support up to 32GB of extra storage and will also work as a memory card reader when connected via USB. The iTVGoggles ITG-Vidix retails for $279.99.

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